Ala major ossis sphenoidalis

pleištakaulinis didysis sparnas statusas T sritis embriologija atitikmenys: lot. Ala major ossis sphenoidalis ryšiai: platesnis terminasnugarinė dalis

Medicininės histologijos ir embriologijos vardynas . . 2001.

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  • ala major ossis sphenoidalis — [TA] greater wing of sphenoid bone: a large wing shaped process arising from either side of the body of the sphenoid bone; its cerebral surface forms the anterior part of the floor of the middle cranial fossa, and its orbital surface forms the… …   Medical dictionary

  • major wing of sphenoid bone — ala major ossis sphenoidalis …   Medical dictionary

  • ala — 1. [TA] SYN: wing. 2. Pronounced, longitudinal cuticular ridges in nematodes, usually found in larval stages (Ascaris lumbricoides), although occasionally present in adult worm (Enterobius vermicularis). [L. wing] a. auris SYN: auricle (1). a.… …   Medical dictionary

  • alisphenoid bone — ala major ossis sphenoidalis …   Medical dictionary

  • temporal wing of sphenoid bone — ala major ossis sphenoidalis …   Medical dictionary

  • Кости головы (череп) — …   Атлас анатомии человека

  • wing — The anterior appendage of a bird. SYN: ala (1). angel w. a deformity in which both scapulae project conspicuously. SEE ALSO: winged scapula. ashen w. SYN: vagal (nerve) trigone. w. of central lobule [TA] the lateral winglike projection of the… …   Medical dictionary

  • wings of sphenoid bone — the laterally projecting processes of the sphenoid bone; see ala major ossis sphenoidalis and ala minor ossis sphenoidalis …   Medical dictionary

  • Greater wing of sphenoid bone — Infobox Bone Name = Greater wing of sphenoid bone Latin = ala major ossis sphenoidalis GraySubject = 35 GrayPage = 149 Caption = Figure 1: Sphenoid bone, upper surface. Caption2 = Figure 2: Sphenoid bone, anterior and inferior surfaces. Width =… …   Wikipedia

  • M. pterygoideus lateralis — Musculus pterygoideus lateralis Ursprung Pars superior: Ala major ossis sphenoidalis Pars inferior: Außenfläche der Lamina lateralis des Processus pterygoideus des Keilbeins …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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